How To Keep Lawns Green and Healthy by TriChoice Landscaping

October 23rd, 2012

The top question from our clients is how to keep their lawns green and healthy. When the lawn turns a brown color there is usually a reason for this change. If roots cannot grab nutrients or water from the soil, you’ll see the color change from green to a brown shade.

Drought or Heat?

The issue is usually caused by either drought or heat. Our Central Florida weather brings us heat for most of the year with the summer being by far the worse months for heat to affect our lawns. When the summer heat is intense, and when the grass is unable to get enough moisture from either a rain event or from a watering system, many grasses will go into a dormant stage.

If the issue is heat, the grass will recover as the temperature drops and more watering is available. To determine if drought is the problem, look for tree leaves which may be falling earlier than normal in the fall. This may be the sign that drought has caused the trees and grass to suffer.

Watering The Lawn:

The amount of water to apply to a lawn during a drought season, is about ½ inch of water every two to three weeks. To watch the grass recover to a nice green color you should water every 6 to 7 days and base this upon about 2 hours of sprinkler use. As you use your sprinkler system, make sure that all areas of grass are getting enough water. You may need to re-adjust the sprinkler system heads occasionally to cover all areas. By caring for your lawn properly you can avoid many problems.

How Does Disease Play A Role?

There are many diseases that can affect the lawn grasses and cause the lawn to change to an ugly color of brown. Or, you may also notice patches of missing grass which could be caused by Cinch bugs, Grubs, or certain types of fungi. If you see any of these issues, call us or complete our “free quote” and we’ll stop by for a lawn maintenance consultation to identify the problem.  At Tri-Choice Landscaping, we provide a weekly maintenance service for weed and pest contol issues which allow us to detect any possible problem immediately.  The issue can be diagnosed quickly. Consider Tri-Choice Landscape Management as you look for a solution. We look forward to earning your business.

October News from the Tri-Choice Staff

Let’s talk about Halloween Safety at Home: Enjoy your holiday but be safe as you plan for fun at home.  If you are using lighted candles and Jack o’ Lanterns, be sure to keep all candles clear of landings and doorways.  Never leave candles unattended because they could easily ignite.

Protect the trick-or-treaters that visit your home by keeping lit pumpkins well away from doorsteps, walkways and your lawn.  Read More.

Happy Halloween and hurry back for more news you can use from our staff.


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